Sunday Services


Services up to 31st May 2020              

                   Coronavirus / Covid-19           

All church services and meetings have been suspended as from

7 March 2020 in accordance with Government regulations.

We will resume normal services as soon as possible.


During this period, you can still join in worship with us and other Christians around the world at Rev Calvin's YouTube channel, where he is broadcasting on Sundays at 9.30am and eveing prayers on Tuesdays at 7pm. You can find this (and previous services) at

26th April Rev Calvin Samuel  
3rd May Maureen Guttridge  
10th May Own Arrangements  
17th May Rev Pete Moorhouse Church Anniverary
(198 years)
24th May Rev Calvin Samuel

Ascension Sunday
Aldersgate Sunday


31st May Rev Calvin Samuel United Service here
Joint with Rayleigh and Hockley


The preachers/leaders of worship planned over the next few weeks are shown but any appointment may be changed at short notice.

Unless otherwise shown we now only have a morning service at 11am, but occasionally we may have an additional service later in the day. Where two names are shown for one Sunday, the top name for each date is the person leading the morning service and the bottom name is the person leading the later service.

About 5 minutes before the service we have a brief quiet time as we calm our minds in preparation.

We also have four Worship Leaders and encourage all Local Preachers and Ministers to make use of them wherever possible. 

"No service" means that there will be no preaching service held at this time. We may go to another church or we may just meet together.

(S) indicates that the service includes the celebration of the Sacrament of the Lords Supper (Holy Communion)

(LA) and (NPA) stand for Local Arrangement and No Preacher Available. It is up to the local church to make its own arrangements to ensure worship is maintained. Where these appear above it means we have yet to arrange a service or substitute preacher; when the service or preacher is arranged, the details of the service will be updated.

'Members' Own' or 'Own Arrangements'is our local name for a Local Arrangement as the original term is meaningless to anyone other than a preacher!

'Pre-prepared service' - where the person or people leading the service is unaccredited but uses a service written by an accredited preacher. There are a series of these services held by the Circuit Administrator and are available to churches on request.

'TBA' means we are still awaiting the final plan with confirmed details on it.

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