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Top News!

We are delighted to report that the Methodist Insurance Fund and All-Churches Trust has given us £7000 towards the refurbishment of the building to make it 'Fit for Mission' (as the saying goes!). In particular, this means we can now schedule the work to replace the flat roof and rooflights and this is now planned to start on the first Monday of the school holidays.

There will also be work parties starting in the middle of August to paint the outside of the church window frames and to re-varnish the front doors. Keep an eye open for the dates!

The 'Over 65s' Wednesday Lunch Club for May will take place on 17th May. All other details remain the same - lifts available, book in advance and the cost will be £3.

A reminder that Sacred Space is available on Wednesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30. It is a chance to just sit still and think, or pray, or just step aside from the world for a bit. No booking is needed, just come in and sit down. Come when you want and stay as long as you need (but please do remember the 'finish' time).

A new 'feature' is a prayer box. If you want prayers said for yourself or others, just write it on a slip of paper and drop it in the box. These prayer requests will be read out during the morning for everyone to think and pray about

Nobody will pressure you, but if you do want someone to pray with, or for, you then all you have to do is ask. Prayers can be said for physical o.r spiritual healing, if wanted. Tea and coffee will also be available if you want it but, again, just ask.

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Fund raising:

Later this year, on a date yet to be agreed, we will be holding a Beetle Drive. If you've never been to one, you've never seen how excited someone can get when all they want is a final leg! 

We are still open to ideas for other fund-raising ideas, especially if you have the idea and carry it through. If you do have an idea, please run it past the Stewards and you will have all the support we can provide. We are especially interested in activities that can involve people from outside our church membership.

'Off menu' items of interest relating to the administration of the church exist on this website. If you want/need access to them, contact Dave who will give you the necessary details.

These items are:

As usual, all services, activities and meetings are open to everybody, whether or not a member of our, or any, church.