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Like every other organisation we are working on getting the necessary information and procedures in place for the new Europe-wide General Data Processing Regulation (GDPR), which replaces the old Data Processing Act (DPA) on May 25th. The GDPR applies to virtually all places where information is stored, including paper records, and is not limited to computerised records.

We are currently doing an audit of who in the church has what information, in what form, and how it is being used. Early signs are that we don't have any problems and there are no surprises, but we do have to be capable of having our systems auditable when they are fully operational.

Members (and others on any lists we hold) will receive a letter explaining what is happening and will be given the option of stating how they may be contacted, and for what. Be aware, though, that there are certain Admin functions where we must keep personal details - membership lists, for example.

Our Facebook Group has all the up to date information about what is happening in Rochford Methodist Church in greater detail. We also have a Facebook Page for more general information, or we have an embryonic Twitter account at @rochfordmeth

Our House group is usually on the last Wednesday of the month. Contact us to find out if, when, and where we are meeting.

Weekly notices, as available, can be found here
The previous notices can be found here

The next Over 60s' Tuesday Lunch Club takes place on 12th June at 12 noon.

You need to book a place in advance for the 2-course meal (so we can get the catering right) or if you want a lift, so contact Margaret on 544252 soon. The cost of the meal will be £3. If you are UNDER 60 but want to accompany someone who is over 60 then you are welcome to come along with them.

Fund raising:

We are always open to ideas for fund-raising ideas in order to develop our services to the community at large, especially if you have the idea and carry it through. If you do have an idea, please run it past the Stewards and you will have all the support we can provide. We are especially interested in activities that can involve people from outside our church membership.

'Off menu' items of interest relating to the administration of the church exist on this website. If you want/need access to them, contact Dave who will give you the necessary details.

These items are:

  • Our Certificate of Employer's Liability Insurance which is required to be publicly displayed under the Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969;
  • Our Church's Security Policy;
  • Our Safeguarding Policy;
  • A printable copy of 'When I Die . .' (a booklet to help your family by leaving instructions about what you want at your own funeral).
  • When available, our Privacy Policy will be stored here for members to access (as required by the GDPR).

As usual, all services, activities and meetings are open to everybody, whether or not a member of our, or any, church.

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